Fees and Scholarship

Admission Fees(Payble at the time of admission):
B.P.Ed. : Rs. 16,000.00
M.P.Ed. (Part I) : Rs. 7,850.00
M.P.Ed. (Part II) : Rs. 2,700.00

Tution Fees (Payable monthly) :
B.P.Ed. – Rs. 100.00
M.P.Ed.– Rs. 125.00

Food Charges (Payable monthly) :
Boys And Girls– Rs. 1,800.00


Award and Scholarships

(1)Lakshminarayan Banerjee Memorial Scholarship is awarded by the University of Calcutta for obtaining highest marks in B.P.Ed. Examination and prosecuting studies in M.P.Ed. Part-I and Part-II.
(2)Alumni Award which is presented by the Alumni Association of the Institute for securing 1st position in B.P.Ed. Examination from this institute.
(3)Pramila Sundari Pal Award is presented for securing 1st position in the M.P.Ed. final Examination.
(4)Amrita Rani Ghosh Memorial Award is presented to the girl student securing highest mark in B.P.Ed. Examination among the girl students of the institute.